Couple Dress Up game ImageAttack of the Furries 2

Fabulous sequel to Attack of the Furries tower defense game. Challenging and well developed, Attack of the Furries 2 is one of the best turret defense games yet developed.

Graphics are fabulous and the various towers quite unique. There are plenty of upgrades and boy, don't you ever need them, as this is a real challenge.


Attack of the Furries 2 Game Review

Attack of the Furries 2 maps image. The first episode of Attack of the Furries was pretty good, but this sequel is one of the best tower defense games yet made.

With various skill levels and different difficulty levels for maps, you really have to put into place solid strategies to work your way right through each individual game, in order to defend your kingdom.

Game features include 9 different maps. 18 turrets, 4 building types, 6 difficulty levels, resource management, more than 25 creep types plus 25 research options and 3 music tracks.

What I really like about Attack of the Furries 2 is that you can select a different map with a different skill level and everything is totally changed. By the time you unlock the harder maps in expert mode, you should pat yourself on the back just for making it that far.

Good luck with this, because it will really test your skills and your patience, but if your one of those game players that never let a game defeat you, then Attack of the Furries 2 is something you will really enjoy.

Attack of the Furries 2 Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Place towers where they will hit creeps the most such as round corners.
  • Towers also should hit creeps for more than one pass. I.e. You fire at them going past the first time and hit them again on their way back.
  • Don't worry about buy the upgrade for the poison dart.
  • Once you can upgrade to cannon tower, sell all your lesser towers and upgrade the cannons to full power.
  • Bubble towers are strong and slow creeps.
  • Buy the Regenerating Nullify upgrade when it becomes available.