Youda Sushi Chef Online Time Management Game Logo Image. Youda Sushi Chef Game

Play Youda Sushi Chef online. Fabulous time management fun operating your own Sushi restaurant. Make delicious sushi rolls and keep your hungry customers happy. Youda Sushi Chef is a completely free online time management game, no download required.

What would it be like to operate a busy Sushi Restaurant? Take a few minutes and see how you would fare by trying to manage a busy Sushi Bar below in this fabulous online game, Youda Sushi Chef.

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Youda Sushi Chef screen image. Because this is a Youda Game, from the makers of Youda Farmer and Youda Marina, you know the quality and game mechanics will be good. Youda Sushi Chef perhaps takes a step forward in both quality and game play and you, the player is definitely the winner.

Youda Sushi Chef can be played in very easy mode or normal mode, giving you the opportunity of a gentle learning curve, or if you are confident of your gaming skills, to jump right in, roll up your sleeves and keep those customers satisfied.

You must make the sushi according to customers needs, which are indicated by bubble orders above their heads and when finished, the sushi will be served by way of conveyor.

You need to make a certain goal each day to progress through the game and there are 6 locations available to expand your Sushi empire.

This is a really first class game and as it's totally free to play online. Youda Sushi Chef will surely become one of your favorites. Enough talking, click below to start playing Youda Sushi Chef yourself. We know you will enjoy this fabulous time management game from the Youda factory.

Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Make sure you watch the short tutorial for instructions.
  • Be careful that you don't run out of ingredients.
  • If you accidentally put the wrong ingredients into the Sushi roll, click the trash bin to start again.
  • You must clear the plates to get paid.
  • Try to memorize the recipes to make your work faster.
  • You can play as different players as many time as you want.