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Play The Gardener Deluxe farm simulation game. Grow fruit and veggies to sell at market.

Gardener Deluxe is a simple free time management game, but don't be fooled into thinking that the it won't test your sim game skills to the maximum. While it seems just a case of planting fruit and veggie seedlings, it is the maintenance that will either make you rich or send you round the bend screaming in frustration.


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If you have the skill to plant and grow a seedling and see it eventually turn in to something you can sell at market, you can then make a bit of money.

As long as you tend your garden, without it dying or being eaten by a pesky caterpillar, You will succeed. Just keep your eye on the screen for what the plant needs and you will be fine.

This game is the typical farm type game where you grow veggies and sell them at market. Of course there are obstacles in your way to riches and life is never easy on the farm.

The Gardener Deluxe doesn't require great loads of skill to play, but seeing that it's a totally free game to play online, well that's good value at any way you look at it. Try The Gardener Deluxe time management game below. Enjoy!

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The Gardener Deluxe Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Watch the on screen instructions that tell you when the plant needs to be watered
  • If you don't keep the plant watered a grub will eat the plant
  • It is best to just grow one or two plants so you have time to look after them
  • Once they are fully grown you can sell the fruit and veggies for cash