Panda Restaurant Time Management Game Logo Image. Panda Restaurant Time Management Game

Help Tony Panda make enough money to repair his damaged aircraft and return home in this fabulous free online time management game, Panda Restaurant.

Panda Restaurant is similar to many other restaurant style games yet has a nice feel about it and the babies are a good innovation. There is a way to stop those babies from crying and you will be rewarded handsomely for your efforts.


Panda Restaurant screen dump image. This online restaurant simulation game has you helping an unfortunate Panda who has crashed his aircraft in a bamboo forest. Tony Panda has to make money in order to buy parts and repair the airplane.

What better way to make money than show off his fabulous cooking skills and wonderful time management prowess, by opening a restaurant in the bamboo forest and introducing great take away food to all the other pandas.

The overall goal in the game is to make money for those repairs to be carried out, so you must serve the customers and keep them happy with good fast service, giving them what they want, when they want it.

You first click on the customer as they enter the scene to seat them at an empty table, then their order will appear in a balloon above their heads. You click on the correct food item, then click the customer to serve the item. Give good quick service and make good money. Slow service will see the customer walking out without paying, so you lose.

See the hints below for how to feed babies and keeping mom a happy customer.

As a free online game, Panda Restaurant will keep you engrossed serving all the customers and making enough money to repair Tony Pandas airplane.

This rates around 3.5 from 5, with easy graphics and good replayability. Music could get annoying over time, yet it's simple to turn off your speakers and just enjoy the frenzied time management fun. Give Panda Restaurant a try below and if you enjoy this, consider linking back to this page so your friends can also play Panda Restaurant.

Panda Restaurant Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Click the customer as they emerge in the restaurant doorway to send them to an empty table.
  • Watch the balloon above their heads to take their orders.
  • Click the food item on the front table to pick it up, then click the customer to deliver the food.
  • A crying child will be pacified by giving it a bottle of milk.
  • Quick service will keep the customers satisfied.
  • A customer left waiting too long will walk away without paying.
  • Usually a customer will order a drink then a hot-dog.
  • Sometimes the customer will eat more than one hot-dog before leaving, so quick service will give you more money per customer.