Cake Shop time management game logo image Cake Shop Time Management Game

Play Cake Shop and keep the customers supplied with delicious cakes while making enough money to build your own dream house. Whichever way you like to play Cake Shop, you will enjoy the time management frenzy of keeping customers satisfied.

Cake Shop is a good play on the usual time management game genre. It gets good marks for graphics, ease of play and enjoyability, but loses points for game length. It leaves the player with the feeling that there is a missing level. If the developers include an endless playing mode or another level, they would greatly improve the sales of the full game.


Cake Shop Game

Cake Shop game screen imageFilled with great graphics and easy game play, Cake Shop sees you playing the typical time management game where you make cakes and serve customers. If you serve the customers quickly, you make bigger tips and thereby are able to purchase upgrades for the Cake Shop.

The full game features upgrades like building your own home, which is a great addition as you certainly have something to work towards, just in real life.

You help Emily work the daily grind, making cakes to the exact way the customer orders. It's a fairly simple concept and has been done before, yet because of the good graphics, seems to pull an over done game together well.

Biggest problem with Cake Shop is the length of the game. Be warned, this is very short and leaves most people a little sad, thinking they have been ripped off.

We strongly suggest that you play Cake Shop online for free below and if you want more, then download the free hour trial, which will just about see you beat the entire game in that sitting.

Cake Shop Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Keep products prepared ahead of time – At the beginning of a new level, and as you play, keep your shelves stocked with products prepared ahead of time. If you do, you'll be able to complete customer orders faster, and get better tips as a result.
  • Upgrade your home – When you can, put your earnings into building your new home. When you build new components, you'll keep the main character's mood higher. The better her mood, the more patient customers will be with her.
  • Keep an extra cake prepared – You have a small table in the café that allows you to place one prepared product on it. As you play, keep track of popular cake combinations, and try to keep one prepared at all times on your table. It'll help you complete orders that much faster.