Breakfast Sandwich Shop game logo image Breakfast Sandwich Shop Time Management Game

Play Breakfast Sandwich Shop online. Another fast paced game that will keep you on your toes and making money, as long as your time management skills are right. Breakfast Sandwich Shop isn't overly difficult yet your customers will get angry if they have to wait too long foe service.

Make the sandwiches how they are ordered and you will enjoy this free game for many hours. Get it wrong, then you better go get another game. It's not called time management for nothing.


Breakfast Sandwich Shop Game

Breakfast Sandwich Shop screen shot image There are thousands of busy office workers who have to grab a sandwich on their way to work each morning. Thankfully they have you helping out in the sandwich shop to make their order swiftly, so they are not late for work.

Sandwiches are satisfying and a relative healthy option for a career girl before work, so the Breakfast Sandwich Shop gets very busy in the mornings with a variety of orders to fill.

Everyone has their own personal taste buds and each customers will order their favorite sandwich. It's up to you to fill their tummy's and give them good nutrition to see them through their hectic work day.

Breakfast Sandwich Shop is similar to other time management offerings such as Granny's BBQ and the popular Pizza Mania. Giving the customer what they want as fast as you can, keeps them in a good mood and you make good money.

Breakfast Sandwich Shop is a fabulous paced time management game that the whole family can enjoy.

Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Look at the bubble above the customers head and match the order.
  • Ham and eggs must be cooked before placing then onto the sandwich.
  • You click and drag each ingredient onto the serving area.
  • When finished the sandwich click and drag it to the customer.
  • If you have the order correct, the customer will pay.
  • If the order is incorrect you must start that order again.