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Play Box Office time management game online. Serve movie customers and make a fortune. Totally free Box Office is fast paced time management sim game where you click and control the counter person in busy movie theater box office.

There's no story or anything behind the game, just a straight out time management challenge where you serve movie goers tickets to see the latest attraction, plus drinks, ice-cream and popcorn, just like a real Box Office.


Box Office Game

Box Office Sim Game Screen Image. Free online games are always fun and this particular sim game, Box Office, takes you into the world of the fast and frenzied service area of a very busy movie theater.

Your really in for a fun and enjoyable romp, serving customers with a variety of goodies.

Each day you are required to make a goal, which is a set amount of cash. Once you make that goal you can keep serving customers until the day finishes. The more money you make the more upgrades you can purchase, which allows you to make even more money. Now that's fun.

The customer will indicate what they want by a bubble over their heads. If you get the order wrong, you can throw that into the trash and start again. Chaining all the items together creates a more efficient work station, which of course makes more money for your Box Office.

Money... Money... Money... there's a certain theme happening here.

Box Office is a good free time management game, so have a great day and see how much money you can make at the Box Office.

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Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Look at the bubble over the customers head. This indicates their order.
  • Chain all commands together to make your work more efficient.
  • Use your upgrades to earn more money.
  • If you have the order wrong, click on the trash to start over.
  • If it is getting a little hectic, leave the money on the tray so no other customers can enter.