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Use the natural elements of the earth and your best strategy to defeat an army of unmerciful fiends. You can use Fire, Thunder and Ice to help you overcome the waves of enemy soldiers and save your land from extinction, but beware, your enemy can also wreak great harm using the same elements available to you.

This is a game that will test your mettle and stretch your imagination. Play Elements & Magic online for free. No download or sign-up involved, just wait for the game to load and enjoy the elements of an enthralling encounter.


Elements & Magic Strategy Game

The natural elements of the earth, Fire, Thunder and Ice are strong, yet when you combine these element with magic, the forces of evil will find it hard to combat your power.

Elements & Magic is a strategy game which will keep you totally absorbed planning your defense against fearsome forces. The problem is the enemy also makes use of the elements, Fire, Ice and Thunder against you, so you must equip your warriors with the necessary magic skills to keep the evil forces away.

As the game name signifies, you must use both the elements and the magic crystals to proceed through the many levels. One good thing about the game is you must use your strategy skills to keep progressing. But if you are defeated you can replay that level, trying a different strategy to succeed.

Elements and Magic is a very good game. Not too difficult, yet complex enough to keep the player immersed within the game play for a few hours. Play Elements and Magic online below. I think you will agree that it's a great effort in the strategy games genre.

Elements & Magic Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Archers fire arrows quickly and are your best first line of defense
  • Mages are more powerful with a larger range, yet can be slow and innacurate
  • Catapults cause huge damage
  • Placing a fort next to warriors will increase their range
  • Upgrading warriors will increase their killing power
  • You must upgrade warriors so that at least one warrior has the elements of either Fire, Ice and Thunder
  • Remember to mine crystals which are necessary for upgrading warriors
  • You must also build farms for food and harvest them when at 100%
  • Do not let farms expire after they are ready for harvest. You lose them if they wait too long for harvest
  • You can rain down either Fire, Ice or Thunder on your enemy, but you will deplete you resources. Use this only as a last measure to save yourself from extinction