Snowboard Stunts game logo image Snowboard Stunts Online Snowboarding Game

Play Snowboard Stunts free sports game online. Hit the snow slopes, out jump, out stunt all the other snowboarders this season. Try your favorite tricks without falling. The slopes of your favorite ski resort are always tough.

This game takes you on a virtual snowboard competition where nose grabs and backflips earn large points each jump. Air time off the jump is important. The more air time the more stunts you can perform and the more points you can earn. Snowboard Stunts is a thrilling online game and the challenge is pure adrenaline.


Snowboard Stunts screen shot image Snowboard Stunts Game Review

Up for a little snowboarding action this winter. Try out a few moves in this free online snowboarding game before you hit the slopes.

Time your jump and then rack up some huge points doing a few tricks. Combine the tricks and stunts into a sequence for greater points.

Snowboard Stunts is a simple game to play yet can be very addictive trying to get the best stunt sequence, therefore the most points. You only have yourself to beat so it's a great way to pass the time while the blizzard outside is keeping you from the real action.

Snowboard Stunts Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Press Space Bar to jump
  • Left arrow tail grab
  • Right arrow nose grab
  • Down arrow 360
  • Up arrow Backflip
  • Watch for the 3 kickers in front of the jump
  • Time the jump right to get the best air time and perform the most stunt sequences

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