Quarterback KO game logo image QuarterBack KO Online Football Game

Here's a free football game to play online. Quarterback KO has you making a perfect pass before you get trampled by huge defensive plays. Throw the pass to the target and score points for your gridiron team, but beware of those intercepts and missed throws as the opposition could steal the game. Play Quarterback KO football game now!

This game may drive you crazy in no time flat yet it can get exciting if you have read the instructions. It certainly pays to understand the game mechanics so you can make the perfect pass without getting knocked out. A quarterbacks life is tough, so is this simple online game.


Quarterback KO football game screenshot Quarterback KO Online Football Game

Your team needs a cool quarterback who has a good arm and can make a pass when it really counts. Are you up to the standard the team needs?

Play Quarterback KO online game and enjoy the hustle and bustle of big time pro football. Throw that magical pass and earn big scores, but you better be careful, too slow and you get walloped.

Great online sports game for all football fans. Quarterback KO is totally free to play and totally rad. Try it out and see if you are the next great gridiron quarterback.

Quarterback KO Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Hold your left mouse button down to make longer throws
  • Beware of holding the ball for too long as you get hit by the opposition
  • Sometimes a shorter pass to the front man amasses a better score than long missed throws