Putt It In logo image. Putt It In Online Golf Game

Putt It In is a simple to play, easy to score online putt putt game of fun. Similar to a putt putt golf layout, with lots of challenging obstacles, your quest is to Putt It In the hole without your score blowing out to unbelievable proportions. And this is not an easy layout by any means, so skill is required, along with a fair amount of cunning, to get that ball in the hole.

Putt It In Golf will test your patience at times, yet with a good strategy you can lower your scores on the hardest of holes. A great online game of golf, Putt It In can be enjoyed by all, yet you must be wary and watch out for those water hazards and sand traps just waiting to cause you some misery. This game is really good.


Putt It In screen shot. Putt It In Online Golf Game

Find out how good you are at putting with this awesome 3d golf putt putt game, Putt It In.

This online golf game has a few easy holes with many others that are quite challenging. Like the real game of golf, the challenge is to get the ball into the hole in the fewest amount of shots. Then you play the round of golf and add up all your scores and hopefully score near or below par for the course.

Putt It In has a few bunkers and water traps waiting for the bad shot and a few tricky greens to hit. It is certainly possible to score a "hole in one" and birdies, pars and hopefully no bogies will dot your scorecard.

Online golf has never been so much fun so give it a go and have enjoy!

Putt It In Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Use the mouse and left click to putt
  • Use the side walls to bounce your putts into position
  • Check the layout of the hole before teeing off
  • Move your mouse to position the ball on the tee, then click to place
  • Again move your mouse to aim
  • Drag your mouse out to give the shot power
  • Click to hit the golf ball
  • The challenge is to get the golf ball into the best position to hole out in the least shots.