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Play Hot Shots online basketball game for free, no download required. Shoot a few baskets for fun, but be warned, it's not as easy as it looks. You play against the clock and just to set the fun bar higher, the basket moves all the time. Not like in a real game of basketball where throwing from the foul line is a piece of cake.

In Hot Shots Basketball you need to time your shots just right to get the ball in the hoop, but at least you can move the player along with the moving basket. Get as many throws through the hoop before time runs out. What a challenging game.


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Up for a bit of basket practice? Try your luck at throwing 10 baskets in a set time frame. You need the 10 baskets to advance to the next level.

For all those basketball fans, and who in their right mind isn't a fan, Hot Shots is a free basketball game that you can play online for as long as you want.

You might beat Hot Shots easily at first, but the later levels are harder to master and will take all your reflex shooting skills to work out just when to shoot the basket.

If you like playing it, others will also, so perhaps sharing with your friends could be the start of a competition. Can you throw a lot of baskets and you beat your friends score? Why not start a friendly online basketball league of your own and find out who is the champion Hot Shots player.

Hot Shots Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Shoot the ball when you are slightly to the left of the basket
  • Move the player along with the basket with your mouse
  • Left click to shoot the ball

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