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Play Crazy Pool the craziest pool game on earth. The challenge in this game is to clear the pool table of balls as quickly as you can. You must try to hit two balls of the same color together to remove them from the pool table. Sounds easy enough yet there is a fair amount of skill required to successfully clear the table of balls.

The first two levels are quite easy then the difficulty factor of the game goes up a notch or two, ramping up the challenge with unique features always being introduced into the game, just to increase the difficulty level.

Crazy pool is aptly named. It's that good I don't know if I love it or hate it.


Crazy Pool Game

I scratch my head in wonderment and try and fathom out how the heck did someone come up with a game like Crazy Pool. This is the most unique pool game ever made.

Technically, Crazy Pool is superb. The graphics are great and the game plays smoothly from beginning to end. Amazing as this is full of fast action.

The point of Crazy Pool is to finish all levels as quickly as possible, raking up a big score, hopefully. Hit 2 balls the same color together and they disappear from the table. Clear the table to score and move to the next level.

You pull the mouse pointer back from the cue ball and let it rip, hitting bombs and blasting balls away. It's certainly different and it's another free online game that will keep grandma away from the computer for awhile. I kind of like it, I think.

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Crazy Pool Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Pull your mouse pointer back from cue ball to begin level
  • You can play colored balls instead of the cue ball with a penalty of 10 points
  • Run over the smaller balls to get rid of them from the pool table