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Play Base Jumping sports game online free. Base Jumping is considered an extreme sport and this free online flash game is just the thing to try without getting the wits scared out of you. If you want to experience the sport of Base Jumping online, play this game and enjoy the dare devil thrill now!


Base Jumping Game Review

Base Jumping Sports screen shot image Base Jumping is a free flash game where you simply go Base Jumping and try to land on the ground softly as possible, yet beat the opponents at the same time. Land safely first and you are the winner.

Luckily this is a free game, no download or registration needed, as it would probably sit on the shelves and gather dust otherwise. I could not see anyone in their right mind buying this Base Jumping game, but as it is free to play online, some may want to spend a few minutes trying out their Base Jumping skills.

I would rate this game about 2 from 5 but give the game developers their due credit, the idea is sound, graphics are good and did I mention that it's totally free, so that's worth at the very least another point.

Base Jumping Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Press the space bar to jump
  • Press the space bar again to deploy the parachute
  • Try to deploy the parachute at the last moment so you beat the other base jumpers to the ground
  • Make sure you deploy the parachute or you will be killed