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Play 8 Ball Pool free online sports game of competitive pool. Snooker the computer and outplay the ultimate opponent. Just like a real game of 8 ball, this game pits you against the computer. You don't have to be a professional snooker player to have fun.

The game has a few unique features such as the method of lining up each shot. Each game is a real challenge and your opponent, the computer, is almost a master, yet it is not unbeatable. 8 Ball Pool is a lot of fun even if you are playing alone. It's the challenge that counts and you know that that's the way you like it.


8 Ball Pool Online Snooker Game

8 ball pool screen shot. Who doesn't like a good game of pool? Now you can play snooker online against the computer as your opponent.

8 Ball Pool is a visually good game and the flash graphics are excellent and moves very smooth. Well thought out and put together. I like the way you line up your shots and there is a slider for power so you can tap it or bash it.

Normal pool rules apply, you give or take penalty shots for fouls and the computer player isn't an absolute pushover to play while at the same time no slouch. 8 Ball Pool is a great free online game and a good interlude after a long day at the office.

Your opponent is not unbeatable. Yes, the computer makes some mistakes and you can get free shots when it misses, so take full advantage when you earn a free hit. You can always snooker your opponent, just like the real game, which will make it that bit harder for it to defeat you.

8 Ball Pool is a great online game. Give it your best shot.

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8 Ball Pool Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Take your time lining up the shots, you will improve as you play this game more often.
  • Grab the pool cue with the mouse pointer to line up the shots.
  • Set you power to around 75% for most shots.
  • If you can't pot a ball, try to snooker the computer
  • The computer opponent will miss shots so take full advantage when you have a free shot