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Youda Farmer, fabulous sim game where you grow and sell produce. Life on the farm is hard work, yet it can be profitable.

Being a farmer means you can lead a good clean and honest life, with lots of benefits once the work is done. Youda Farmer shows you how good life can be down on the farm, as long as you don't mind getting your hands dirty.

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Youda Farmer Game Review

Youda Farmer Screen Shot Image The game space is divided into 2 areas, the farm and the town. You grow the produce and load the orders on the truck, then it's off to town to make deliveries and collect the money earned. The more produce you can grow and harvest, the more stores that will open for business in the town.

The town folk really rely on you to help their businesses prosper, and for the town to grow into a thriving city, so it's a win - win situation. You make plenty of produce for them to make their goods. You make lots of profits and so do they. Ahhh business at it's best.

This fabulous sim game Youda Farmer, starts off fairly slow, then the pace quickens as you juggle growing corn, collecting eggs and raising pigs to supply a hungry and growing town with the produce that they require. The further you progress in the game the more features that open, there's fish to catch, cattle to tender, potatoes to grow and the list goes on.

The good part about Youda Farmer is that there is a good tutorial to teach you how to collect with the truck and service the town. It doesn't rush things and moves you slowly from one task to the next. Before long you are working 3 or more different functions on the farm and selling your goods to multiple stores.

Youda Farmer is a totally free farming simulation game so don't forget to bookmark this page and come back often to play online. Perhaps you would like to take the game code and add Youda Farmer to your own web page, or just take the text link code and tell others of this fabulous game. You can also download a free trial to play on your PC off-line or buy the complete unlimited version. There's plenty of choices for you to enjoy this great farm simulation game, Youda Farmer.


Youda Farmer Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Don't immediately grab the first order that appears on your screen at the start - check which way your van is pointing and wait for 3 or 4 orders to appear so you can choose which order to do them in. You have more time at this point than you expect.
  • Fill up as many boxes as are available at that part of the farm.
  • Making combo collections gives you more cash and you can make combo deliveries for even more cash.
  • Try to keep track of which direction the van is coming in so you know which of the available orders you want to go to next.
  • If the van hasn't caught up with you then when you have filled all the boxes at a particular site take the time to work out which of the available orders you want to do next - go for the nearest ones, unless you are in real danger of losing an order and need to go there first.
  • Don't click on a completed order until you absolutely have to - ie until it is right at the point of disappearing and you missing it. This slows down the rate at which new orders arrive and means you should be able to keep it under control. I find the first 15 orders are the hardest, at the point everything becomes much less manic.