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Farm simulation game, Virtual Farm, sees you growing crops for sale and managing all the farming tasks. There are several stages to growing the crops, tilling the garden plots, sowing the seeds, watering and finally harvesting.

You have a storehouse where you place the crops for delivery to the market. In the beginning you are given set contracts to fulfill, which give good money for your efforts, which set you on the path to succeed


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Virtual Farm Game Screen Image. Virtual Farm is a good paced farming sim game where you grow grass and vegetables for as much profit as possible.

The story takes you on to a small crops farm that you inherited, and without too much experience, you are left to manage the farm and sell whatever crops you can grow.

You can set your prices at the market to fully utilize market fluctuations and grow the crop that you think is the most profitable. You start with just grass and upgrade to buy seeds for tomatoes, cucumbers and other vegetable crops.

There are also equipment upgrades in Virtual Farm, plus as you gain experience, you will obtain buildings that will enable you to process your own produce giving you greater returns for your effort.

Virtual Farm Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • You start with grass as the first crop by watering the plots that have a water bubble above the ground.
  • By chaining commands together, you can water 3 plots, harvest 3 crops, etc. It is best to do everything by 3's.
  • Keep the same type of crops together for better efficiency.
  • Buy upgrades to equipment as soon as it becomes available.
  • If you are getting snowed under and can't keep up, don't water some crops and they will die, giving you time to catch up.
  • You sometimes have to till the land again and replant. Once you have fertilizer, this doesn't happen as often.
  • Always reset your prices before taking the crops to market to get the best price.
  • Play Virtual Farm Game Online No Download Required.