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Play Purrfect Pet Shop online game and manage animal shelter for lost and injured animals. Enjoy looking after stray animals, there's a lot of work to be done, so don't shirk the issue, roll up your sleeves and get to work.

Care for sick and injured and help find them new homes. Match animals with new owners in this awesome sim game where charity begins at home.


Play Purrfect Pet Shop Online

Purrfect Pet Shop screen image The latest sim game, Purrfect Pet Shop challenges your management skills with you running an animal shelter for lost and homeless dogs, cats and all types stray animals.

You need to care for the animals health, train them to be good pets for someone and then match their personalities with the traits that the new owners are looking for.

The happier the new owner is, the bigger donation they give you, which allows you to buy upgrades for your animal shelter.

In Perfect Pet Shop game, you can even create your own special pet to be playful or loving, just the way you would want them to be in real life.

This is one sim game that you can really get into and enjoy for many, many hours at a time.

Purrfect Pet Shop Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Happy animals will attract new owners easier
  • Give each animal lots of love and the new owners will give bigger tips
  • Watch the animals health closely, nobody will want a sick animal
  • All animals love to be patted and this makes them more loving animals
  • Buy upgrades that will give the animal more enjoyment to make them happier
  • Animals like to be patted, groomed and love special treats to eat
  • Play Purrfect Pet Shop Online No Download