Play Belle's Beauty Boutique Online. Play Belles Beauty Boutique Totally Free Online

Long time favorite and still one of the best online games, play Belle's Beauty Boutique for free and keep the girls looking good giving great customer service while fostering a gossip center.

Manage a beauty salon the way one should be operated. Build a loyal clientelle and perhaps foster a little love while working hard. Belle's Beauty Boutique is an absolute classic simulation game.


Play Belles Beauty Boutique Online Game

Play Belles Beauty Boutique below as a free online game. Enjoy running your own beauty shop and keeping the customers satisfied.

Most women like a talk while they are at the beauty salon, so sit the customers together to keep them happy. If a male enters your beauty shop the girls will go wild and flirt, so sit him near some of the ladies and start a new romance.

Of course it's also important to make the girls look sassy. If they don't like their hair style you will soon enough know. Never lose a customer. Be quick, be courteous and above all, flatter them as you work hard to keep them totally satisfied. Remember, you are a professional hair stylist and beauty consultant. Act the part and make fist fulls of dollars.

It's fun, it's free so play Belles Beauty Boutique online now!