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Play Pets Fun House, manage virtual pet shop. Pets Fun House is fabulous family fun game based on virtual pet store. Breed, raise and sell animals.

If you would ever like to become an animal breeder, here is your chance to find out if you have what it takes to make it big in the animal business.


Play Pets Fun House Online Simulation Game

Pets Fun House screen shot image Pets Fun House is a virtual life simulation game where you manage a pet business from bootstraps to empire.

To build your pet empire, you have 8 different types of animals to raise from new born until they are ready to be sold to eager customers.

Of course nothing is easy and you will have to work hard to grow the business from a single store into a grand pet shop empire, but hey you can manage anything with your great entrepreneurial skills.

Pets Fun House is similar fare to other sim games such as Daycare Nightmare, Dr Daisy Pet Vet and others where you care for babies, in this case baby animals instead of baby monsters. You need to feed them and keep them healthy and have them ready when customers want to buy a pet.

ell enough to meet sales goals and you can then buy upgrades which in turn makes more money. You know how business works and if you don't you'll soon find out.

Pets Fun House Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Raise eight kinds of animals to make healthy pets for loving owners.
  • Buy appropriate supply items for both the shop and for individual pet types and work to unlock all items in the shop's interior.
  • Check the pet sales report frequently to be a smart business owner.
  • Play Pets Fun House Online For Free. No Download Required.