penguindiner logo image Penguin Diner Free Time Management Game

Play Penguin Diner game, serve the hungry and cold Penguin Restaurant dinner customers and earn enough to upgrade the diner.

Penguin Diner is a free flash game in the time management genre. Seat the customers and serve them in style, all set in the Antarctic ice wonderland. For a free game, this is exceptionally good with all the game strategy needed of much larger productions.


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Penguin Diner screenshot image Your quest in Penguin Diner is to help Penny Penguin earn enough money to get home. She is trapped in Antarctica so needs to wait on tables in the local Penguin Restaurants to save enough to get her fare back home.

Penguin Diner is a typical seat them, serve them, time management game, where the play becomes a little hectic after awhile and quite repetitive.

I have played much worse which cost money, so with that in mind Penguin Diner, being totally free, is a good game to pass a little time.

Play Penguin Diner game online yourself now and if you enjoy the penguin dinner game, grab the code for your own My space page or website. Penguin Diner is a good sims game for all the Diner Dash fans.

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Penguin Diner Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Seat and serve the customers as quickly as possible to gain bigger tips
  • Penny can carry 2 dishes at once to save time
  • Seat customers as close to the serving bar as possible to save walking time
  • Play Penguin Diner Online. No Download necessary.