Papas Pizzeria Online Game ImagePapa's Pizzeria Online Pizza Cooking Game

Play Papas Pizzeria pizza cooking game. Manage a busy pizza shop and make lots of money giving the pizza lovers what they want to eat. Totally free game, Papa's Pizzeria is fabulous fun, making cooking and cutting delicious pizzas.

There is a certain skill in presenting a pizza just right and if you can learn how to slice them exactly how the customers likes it, huge tips will come your way. Now here's the best tip you will ever hear. Be good to your mother.


Play Papa's Pizzeria Online

Papas Pizzeria GamePapa has gone away for a little rest and relaxation and it's left to you to manage the pizza shop during his holiday. Can you handle the heat?

Papa's Pizzeria is a fast paced free sim game where you take orders, make and bake the pizza, cut it the way the customer wants and finally deliver it. Do all these actions to the customers pleasure and they will give you a big tip.

And there is the point of playing Papas Pizzeria. You try to make as many large tips as possible to rise through the pizza making ranks from newbie to expert pizza cook.

This is quite a good outing in the time management game genre and as it's totally free to play online. Doesn't get much better than that!

Papa's Pizzeria Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Follow the pizza order closely, right down to cutting the pizza properly, and you will receive bigger tips.
  • Chain tasks together where possible to save time and keep the customer satisfied.
  • Play Papa's Pizzeria totally free online now, no download, no sign-up.