Monster Shop Online game Monster Shop Online Sims Game

Play Monster Shop online game. Serving customers great Halloween gifts, this is your chance to make a fortune. You perform a variety of tasks, yet the main focus is giving people what they desire as quick as you can, then collect the money, keep the customers happy.

Monster Shop is totally free, no download required. It's very good and a quick romp in the dash style game.


Monster Shop Online Sims Game

This good free sim game has you serving customers in a gift shop, taking the money and reaching sales goals, with each level getting harder as you complete the tasks.

You are running a shop that sells goods to celebrate Halloween. There are pumpkins, bats and other monster goodies for sale and it can become a rush to keep the customers happy.

Halloween is a time when everyone wants to be a monster, so cash in big time and make as much money as you can before time runs out.

You are set a sales goal each day and if you achieve the goal you are then set a higher level. Monster Shop is fun, it's free and you play it right here on your browser. Try it for awhile, it's good flash animation and simple to play.

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Monster Shop game image. Monster Shop Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • How to play Monster Shop is included in the game instructions
  • The item that the customer wants will be shown above their heads
  • When you pick up the item it will show on the left side viewer
  • Don't forget to put the money into the cash drawer