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Ice Cream is a food from the gods. It's right up there with great stuff like chocolate or coffee. If they took ice cream away it would be a catastrophe, akin to the greatest earthquakes or floods.

So as you undoubtably like a scoop or three of ice cream, play Ice Cream Craze online and Enjoy the frantic action and help Jan keep the customers satisfied while upgrading the old 50's style shop into a modern emporium. Play Ice Cream Craze free today!. You can lick this game in no time at all.


Play Ice Cream Craze Natural Hero Online

Ice Cream Craze screen combo image Do you think you can lick this colorful game set in an ice cream parlor, then roll up your sleeves and jump straight into the latest sim game, Ice Cream Craze, and help an ailing business survive.

Ice Cream Craze brings the usual serve them up, take their money style of game play with upgrades like new wallpaper and things that speed up the game as you progress.

You know the story well, our hero Jan, who just happens to also be blonde like many other game heroes, needs to save the business from going broke by working their butts off and building the business to it's former glory.

In Ice Cream Craze there are some pretty delicious mixtures of ice cream treats to make and a variety of colorful characters to serve. Music is great and once you get into the game the repetitive flavor disappears and the game holds it's own among the many of the same ilk.

Ice Cream Craze Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Don't leave the money on the counter too long as it will disappear.
  • To speed the game up you need to buy upgrades. Some don't last forever.
  • Purchasing a wooden floor will speed Jan up forever.
  • Another good upgrade to help speed Jan is a coffee machine upgrade.
  • You can pick up the money and coffee while carrying an order but you can't carry 2 orders at once.
  • You can chain orders together which helps your speed.
  • Play Ice Cream Craze Natural Hero Online, No Download.