Home Sweet Home sim game logo image Home Sweet Home Free Interior Decorating Game

Play Home Sweet Home Online. Fabulous interior decorating simulation game, Home Sweet Home takes you on a virtual journey into the realm of the tradesman where you manage a team of builders to construct furniture, paint and decorate a home.

If you ever wanted to learn about interior decorating in a fun way, this game is for you.


Play Home Sweet Home Online

Home Sweet Home screen combo image. If you have an itch to be an interior decorator, Home Sweet Home is the game for you. This fabulous sim game is like being in a reality TV show where you have to redesign a house, room by room, and make the owner happy.

Home Sweet Home takes you on a wacky Do It Yourself (DIY) style romp through 50 different clients. You need to accurately guess their likes and dislikes by solving little puzzles on each clients personality then give their house a make over. Make them happy and you win big. Fail and the whole world will know!

There is this bossy project manager barking out the orders and you need to keep on your toes to get the whole project completed on time. You have a team of 3 willing workers, each with different skills, that are ready to go and able to complete each job satisfactorily.

You do need good time management skills to complete projects and as you are in a virtual life simulation, remember to give your workers a break. There are coffee machines to give them the energy to get through the day and they work hard, so don't flog them to death.

Play Home Sweet Home free online, no download necessary, and see for yourself how fantastic this latest simulation game really is. More than enjoyable, we rate it 4 1/2 from 5 simply for the fresh approach to game play and unique fun.


Home Sweet Home Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Always try to impress the clients. They are the ones paying.
  • Bonus money is awarded for beating projected deadlines
  • Click on each worker to assign a task
  • All workers have an energy level
  • Give exhausted workers a boost of energy by dragging and dropping coffee pots onto the exhausted workers
  • Assigning workers jobs that glow with their color won't tire them out as much
  • Assign multiple workers to the same task to complete projects quicker