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Play Fish Tycoon online for free. Breed fish and sell them for profit. Fabulous fun sim game breeding fish for sale. Become Fish Tycoon.

If you know what your doing, breeding fish can be a very profitable venture, but you do need to know your customer base and what they want for you to be successful. Breed rare valuable fish and you will become the best Fish Tycoon in town.


Play Fish Tycoon Online

Fish Tycoon screen image Become an expert fish breeder then grow your business until you become a true Fish Tycoon. Online simulation game, breed, care and sell fish.

In this fish-breeding simulation game, you're in charge of a real-time virtual fish store. You need to feed the fish, make sure they stay healthy by using fish medicines and pair then for breeding.

Once you have your fish healthy and breeding, you then take the next step where you sell them, making a profit hopefully. so you can buy upgrades and grow the businees.

Combined into the overall game story is a mystery you must uncover. You need to find 7 magic fish that will make you untold wealth.

This is a very good simulation game, so play Fish Tycoon online now. No download or sign up required.

Fish Tycoon Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Don't over feed the fish or they will die
  • On the other hand if you don't feed them at all it's goodbye fish too.
  • Game runs in real time so you don't have to watch it all day.
  • When you want to sell fish, take them to the sale tank and stay in that window until they are sold.