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Play Dr Daisy Pet Vet online, enjoy treating sick pets and learn to become a veterinarian. What could be better than treating sick and injured animals at the Dr Daisy Pet Vet hospital.

Just like a real vet you must diagnose and cure these poor animals in a very busy practice. The animals will love you forever when you pet and pamper them in this fabulous online sim game.


Play Dr Daisy Pet Vet Online

Dr Daisy Pet Vet game screen image Similar to sim games such as Diner Dash, Dr Daisy Pet Vet simulation game has you frantically treating sick animals as a vet who has just graduated from animal doctor school.

The Pet Vet game play allows you to check the sick animals in at the reception area, take them to the examination table, diagnose the illness and finally treat the animal with the proper medicine.

You have a particularly busy practice and a cute clientele with turtles, cats, dogs and even goldfish as patients. It's fast and furious action but we know you are able to stand the pressure and cure all the animals.

Play Dr. Daisy Pet Vet online totally free. You can also choose to download the free trial to your pc or get the full game, the choice is yours and each option is available here at itexpressions. Enjoy!

Dr. Daisy Pet Vet Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Make combo moves to gain extra points
  • Book in 2 animals at reception, examine 2 animals and treat both to gain the combo points
  • Animals get grumpy too so don't let them wait too long
  • Turtles may be slow but they are a patient animal and happily will wait longer than other animals
  • Play Dr Daisy Pet Vet Online No Download