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Play Cinema Tycoon online free and build thriving cinema business showing latest blockbuster movies.

Cinema Tycoon is popular business simulation story of building business to attract customers and maximize profits. Show the latest movies, sell drinks and popcorn and build a successful enterprise. This game rocks!


Play Cinema Tycoon Online Sim Game

Cinema Tycoon screen image Cinema Tycoon takes you on a 15 day journey into the business world to see if you can rise to the top in the movie industry.

Show the best movies, set your seat prices correctly and people will flock to see the latest blockbusters. Of course if you manage the business badly and show movies that stink, you could go bankrupt!

Select the movies, buy upgrades and hype your Cinema to become the next Mega-Plex. Choose the next big Hit, avoid the Flops, and don't forget the competition.

It's a great game to test your management skills and have a few hours of total fun. Best of all, you can play Cinema Tycoon totally free right here in your browser, no download, so start packing them in and enjoy the movie!

Cinema Tycoon Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Raise ticket prices on weekends and lower them mid week.
  • Use the media to advertise your cinema.
  • There is an old yet true saying. It pays to advertise.
  • There is a full tutorial which will walk you through the game or you can choose to skip it.
  • Keep a watch for new movies and read the directors comments to avoid showing a flop.