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Play Catch Em If You Can chicken farm simulation game, collect eggs, help Farmer Henry make money. Farmyard fun but don't count your chickens before they hatch. This is an awesome online sim game, so let's grab those chickens and get started.


Play Catch Em If You Can Online

Catch Em If You Can chicken farm simulation game screen shot image Have you ever wondered if you would be suited to farmyard work? Well hitch up your overalls and get down and dirty making chickens lay eggs for Farmer Henry.

Catch Em If You Can is a farm simulation game where you have to catch the chickens, put them into their laying nests, give them a feed and collect the eggs.

It's all in a days work and at Farmer Henry's chicken farm, work can get real hectic, catching, feeding and cleaning the chicken coops so you can do it all again the next day.

Making money from egg production is what Catch Em If You Can is all about. Make enough money to keep Farmer Henry satisfied and you keep your job, if not you will get the boot out the chicken house door.

There are a few tricks you can employ to make things more efficient, so never mind what happens outside the chicken house, we will give you the best hints and tips to make and keep those hens clucking.

Catch Em If You Can is a fabulous free sim game that you can play online now and as there is nothing to download, no sign-up or registration, you can just concentrate on getting good egg production figures without the hassle from some shifty website designer.

Catch Em If You Can Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • You catch the chicken, place it in the laying nest, give it a handful of feed, collect the egg and place it in the market basket and use the broom to clean the laying box in that order.
  • As soon as the chicken leaves the laying box, catch it again, stick it into a clean box and feed it.
  • Collect the eggs and clean the dirty laying boxes while the chicken is laying the next egg
  • When there is more that one chicken chain the actions together, put them both in the laying box, feed both of them and do everything double.