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    The long awaited sequel is here at last. Play Cake Mania 2 free online. Join in the fun and help Jill grow the family bakery business. Things get hectic in a busy bakery business and Jill needs help to keep up with local demand. Run cake shop and bakery with exciting new features to draw more customers and make Jill's life easier.


    Play Cake Mania 2 Online Sim Game

    Cake Mania 2 screen image If you enjoyed the original version of Cake Mania, then you will certainly love the new features that have been included in Cake Mania 2 game.

    There are 10 new customer characters plus different cake styles and cake toppings to choose which has added excitement to an already popular game.

    As a sim game, Cake Mania 2 has topped the chart in popularity and fittingly is now offered as a free online game which you can enjoy here at itexpressions.com.

    Good game graphics, nice story line and easy audio add to the pleasure of playing Cake Mania 2. Play online for free below, no download, or get the free download for your PC. Either way you win by having Cake Mania 2 at your finger tips anytime you want to play this fabulous sim business game.

    Cake Mania 2 Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

    • Buy upgrades as quickly as you can
    • First priority is to get a T.V to keep customers happy
    • Get Jill shoes that make her faster
    • Keep the business men happy as they as they are big tippers! They will tip $25 dollars if they are completly happy!
    • Make a cake with two different shaped cakes, put a decoration on it and display it. You`ll make more money that way.
    • Get a microwave oven for faster cooking time
    • If you have a left over cake when time runs out, give the last customer their cake but do not pick up their money, instead first go pick over the left over cake and then pick up the money. You will not have a cake lost this way.