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Play Burger Jam and fill customers orders and stomachs. Burger Jam is burger stand sim game where keeping customer happy makes money. Play Burger Jam free online and enjoy fast paced sim game selling burgers. Can you be the next burger king?


Play Burger Jam Sim Game Online

Burger Jam Simulation Game Screen Shot Image If you like cook em up and serve them type sim games then Burger Jam is a fast paced burger stand simulation that will keep you running. A variety of customers come to your burger stand for something satisfying to eat and you are the cook who can satisfy their needs.

Burger Jam is an online sim game similar to others, such as Hot Dog Bush or Kebab Van, where you slap burgers together in the quickest time possible to keep the customer happy. Burger Jam is played over 5 levels and each level has a goal amount to reach to complete a good days work.

There are a variety of recipes and the customer signals what they want, then it's up to you to fill the order correctly and make money. If the customer leaves without their order, you lose $3 from your daily total so quick service is the name of the game.

Burger Jam is nicely developed and a good play on the usual cooking simulation game. Play it as often as you like below or grab the games html code and embed this onto your own web pages. It's fast, it's fun and Burger Jam is totally free, so become the burger king and satisfy all those hungry customers now!

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Burger Jam Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Look at the customers order and make the meal exactly how it shows.
  • If you get a bit behind, drag a glass of orange juice to the customer, which will make them happier while waiting.
  • You lose $3 off your daily total for every customer who walks away without their order.
  • Serving quickly will give nice tips.
  • If you get an order wrong throw it in the recycle bin.