Airport Mania First Flight sim game logo imageAirport Mania First Flight Sim Game

Play Airport Mania First Flight online for free. Fabulous new airport simulation game. Airport Mania First Flight is a refreshingly bright airport controller game where you control and manage airport traffic in 8 locations.


Airport Mania First Flight Online Sim Game

Airport Mania First Flight game logo image You probably know that air traffic control is one of the most stressful occupations in the world, but Airport Mania First Flight has a few tricks that make this game fun to play and anything but a stressful experience.

Perhaps the worst thing that can be said about Airport Mania First Flight is that it is on the easy side to play.

With happy looking planes to land and load, your task is a real time management bonanza, somewhat fresh and different from the normal serve them and keep them satisfied type simulation games.

Mind you, you do need to be efficient or the little planes will start getting angry and eventually fly off to another airport, so don't miss the money by letting them wait too long.

Airport Mania First Flight Sim Game

The basic game strategy is easy to start with and slowly gets more difficult as you progress through each of the 84 levels. You schedule the happy looking planes to land, direct them to an empty arrival gate to unload the passengers, refuel if necessary, reload and take off again. All so simple yet at a busy airport things don't always go smoothly as planned.

Sometimes you may get important cargo to carry such as a heart needed in another city for a transplant patient, so you need to quickly reschedule to deal with the emergency. Bonuses are scored and upgrades rewarded for efficiency.

This is a real refreshing take on the time management, sim game genre and deserves rave reviews for a new direction from the usual restaurant type games. Okay, so the game graphics might be a little too cute but the mechanics are what ultimately counts.