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Play Western Shoot and kill the wanted bandit. Free online shooting game, Western Shoot takes place in a wild wild west frontier town, where men are men and bandits need to be killed. Sharpen up your aiming eye and load your six guns, play Western Shoot and clean up the town so the good folks can be safe. Includes Western Shoot game review, game hints, tips. Play Western Shoot online now!


Play Western Shoot Game Online For Free

Western Shoot screen image Some towns need a good marshal to keep the peace and you have just stumbled upon a town that needs your help. There's a real bad outlaw sneaking among the frontier towns buildings and the good folk need your shooting skills to get rid of this bad hombre.

Western Shoot is a typical shoot-em-up style online game where you use your mouse to aim and left click to fire. The target pops up in random places and it's your reflexes that will either hit or miss the target.

The game itself is fairly basic with down to earth gameplay, hit the target and collect bonus points. Therein lies the challenge of Western Shoot, you must try to score the largest amount of points before time runs out.

Developed by Ocean Breeze Games, in the credits there is a statement about putting your photo in the wanted poster, which would be a great feature and added extra. Unfortunately there is no link or facility to actually do just that. A tad disappointing.

Overall, if you are into wild west shooting games, Western Shoot is a pretty good workout for your gunslinging talents. The ability to register your score and go on a list of high scores would be a great addition. It's free to play online so why not see what type of western hero you would make.

Western Shoot Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Shoot the rolling barrels for extra points.
  • The red X that pops up will add to your score if you get a direct shot
  • Take the crow out. His squawking is bad but the points are good.