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Shoot blocks of falling numbers by firing the numbers two or three from a cannon. Fabulous online shooting game where your quick decisions add up to high scores. When a high number block appears, such as 25, shoot the number 3 at it so you leave a 2 for the last shots. You then get rid of the block quicker.


Play Two 3 Online Shooting Game

Tow 3 game screen image Fabulous game from Armor Games where you fire a number from a cannon and destroy a falling numbered block.

You only have 2 numbers which to fire, the numbers 2 and 3, so you need to make quick decisions to destroy the falling blocks.

Failing to destroy the blocks will see them mount up at the bottom of screen, pushing the cannon platform higher and higher. If the cannon reaches the top, it's game over, so keep on your toes and destroy those falling blocks quickly.

A very good free shooting game which will give many people pleasure. Give us a like so others can also enjoy this excellent free game.