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The Professionals Shooting Game

Play The Professionals 3 free online shooting game. Rid the world of evil. You have been wronged and it's time for payback. Take the role of an assasin who is intent on revenge. Track down and eliminate those who have ruined your life, but shoot straight, or it could be you who is eliminated.


The Professionals 3 Game Review

The Professionals 3 screenshot Your identity has been stolen by a cyber thief and you are out for revenge. He is so smart sitting behind a computer, but so dumb not to think that you can't get him.

The Professionals 3 is a good flash animated game where you need to enter a building to carry out your assassination plans undetected, with the ultimate goal of eliminating the target. Your a professional hitman so how hard can this be for you?

There are a variety of weapons at your disposal and you move, shoot and fight by keyboard commands.

It's free, graphics are basic and the flash moves with no jerks. Good online game if you like the shooting genre.

The objective of the game is to get to the end of each level without getting killed. Try to kill your enemies as quickly as possible or avoid them by using stealth. Try not to let the alarm sound. Have Fun!

How to play The Professionals 3

  • Use the computer keyboard for all moves
  • Move forward & back - left right arrow keys
  • Crouch - down arrow
  • Enter door/Use/Hide - Up arrow key
  • Run - Shift
  • Shoot - D, Reload - R, Shoot lights - W
  • Break neck - A
  • Throw knife - S
  • Change weapon - Space bar