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Play Sprill, action packed marble popper with 2 exciting game modes.

Meet a loveable little Fox called Sprill and go on a swashbuckling adventure into an underwater wonderworld. Colorful and a game the whole family will enjoy, Sprill builds on the familiar marble shooting genre with a few surprising twists that will keep you glued to the screen.


Play Sprill Marble Shooting Game

Sprill Game Screen Image Colored marbles roll through underwater tubes and you have to match the colors. You can earn powerful upgrades which can clear the screen in a spectacular display of visual effects. Make enough matches and you will earn the help of a personal assistant with fantastic powers that can eliminate marbles with lightning strikes and more.

There are 2 modes to choose, Classic and Swap mode. Classic is the traditional marble popper with the unique assistant to help out and Swap mode is really unique.

Playing swap mode, the character doesn't have any ball with him anymore. Instead each player has to capture a ball and then release the ball to make a match of the same color. It's very easy and fun to make huge combo in this mode.

Sprill has something new for marble popper gamers. Grab the free trial download, it's more than worth a try.

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