Sea Guard shooting game logo imageSea Guard Warship Game

Play Sea Guard online game, protect the coast from terrorist attacks. Enjoy playing this nautical war game where your skill will defeat the terrorists. Maneuver your warship to the best position to sink enemy ships. Blast those enemy craft from the water with superior fire power and expert aim. This is a challenging online game to be played by the brave members of Sea Guard company.


Play Sea Guard Warship Game Online

Sea Guard screen image Sea Guard is one of those games you will either love or hate, depending on which way you choose to look at the overall picture. On one hand you have a game that is not high on graphical delights, yet quite functional as far as flash gaming goes.

The game basically is a shooting game where you blast away at different water craft and some land vehicles on nearby islands. Terrorists are hiding on the islands and coincidentally merchant ships are missing. Neutralize the threat! You must make the shipping routes safe by utilizing a warship at your disposal.

The aim is to make as many enemy kills as possible, each level requiring you to meet a desired number of kills so you can advance to the next level.

You can be killed yourself, so by moving the mouse left or right, you can evade the incoming fire while pumping out the shots to destroy the enemy. Sea Guard is totally free to play online so give it a try below, you may have a bit more luck at aiming the gun turret than I did.

Sea Guard Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Use your mouse to move the warship left and right
  • Left click rapidly to fire
  • Get supplementary weapons by gathering additional objects.