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Play Raft Wars online for free and help little Simon defend his island full of gold and diamonds. Learn our Raft Wars hints, tips or see what the Raft Wars game review recommends. Raft wars is awesome fun to play and totally free, no download with this game, just open your browser and play Raft Wars online


Play Raft Wars Free Online Shooting Game

raft wars Game Screen ShotSimon is a baby and while playing on the beach he found gold and diamonds. Well you know what happens when a kid finds treasure, every low life in the world wants to take it off them. But Simon is no ordinary kid, he will fight to keep what is rightfully his.

Raft Wars is a fabulous, fun filled shooting game, where you fight hordes of villeins, ranging from pirates to Vikings, from a small raft. You need to be an accurate shot because once the marauding hordes get you in their sights, they show no mercy.

At first you fight the enemy off by shooting tennis balls. Get a direct hit and into the shark infested sea goes the enemy. You can upgrade your weapons and your raft to give you more hit power as you navigate your way through each level.

The game gets harder and harder with the enemy getting real turtle grenades to shoot at you, so get your aim right and beat them to the punch, so to speak. There is a twist near the end of the game that is so funny, well I'm not going to tell you what it is, you just have to play Raft Wars and find out for yourself.

Raft Wars Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • To fire your hand held cannon, move the mouse to the right toward to enemy
  • Gauge the power by noticing the red dots.
  • Here's a tip to help your accuracy, make all the dots show then slacken off 2 dots, couple that with around a 30 degree height, you will be near the mark
  • Upgrade your weapons before you upgrade the raft