Luxor Quest for the Afterlife logo image Luxor Quest for the AfterLife Marble Shooting Game

Play Luxor Quest for the AfterLife and enjoy the action packed marble popper. This is one marble popper that can be played again and again, and we certainly suggest that you download Luxor Quest for the AfterLife and give this your best shot. It's fast and fun, if your a shooting type fan you surely are in for a awesome treat.


Play Luxor Quest for the AfterLife Shooting Game

Luxor Quest for the Afterlife screen image Developed by MumboJumbo Games, Luxor Quest for the Afterlife is a slick and polished marble shooter with fantastic visual delights and great replay ability features. This game developer really puts a huge amount of work into all their creations, so right away you can be sure that what you are downloading is a quality unit.

The game is played by eliminating marbles that snake through a scene, shooting color combos and preventing the snake from reaching the end. These enemy marbles crawl their way through tunnels and objects cleverly placed to hinder your aim and make life that little harder to succeed. Each level completed sees you gaining points where you can shop for upgrades and buy more powerful weapons that you will certainly need if you are to complete your quest.

And a quest it is, after all the name of the game is Quest for the Afterlife. Assassins have stolen vital jars from ancient tombs. You are needed to help the spirits of Pharaoh Akhenaten and Queen Nefertiti enjoy eternal peace by pursuing the thieves across ancient middle eastern lands of Persia, Syria and Egypt to recover the jars, returning their royal souls to the hereafter.

Fabulous graphics, awesome sound effects and a few mini puzzle games all add up to create an enjoyable adventure against a rich backdrop. A visual pleasing foray and game play similar to the usual marble popping madness.

In the meantime, play Luxor 2 online below and see if you want more of the Luxor series.

Luxor Quest for the Afterlife Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Left click to fire orbs of varying colors at advancing chains of colored spheres.
  • Right clicking lets you swap your current choice of ammo out for a differently colored orb.
  • Shoot at trios or larger combos of the same colors to clear them from the line.
  • Collect power ups for special marble clearing weapons