Look Out Lady Bug game logo image Look Out Lady Bug Shooting Game

Play Look Out Lady Bug online for free and try to keep the Ladybug alive in a densely populated bug infested jungle. Enjoy flying in the air but Look Out Lady Bug, the other bugs will kill you.

There are mosquitos, bees, gnats, flies and wasps all trying to take a bite of you, plus those floating mines to avoid, which all add up to a fantastic action game designed with fun in mind.


Play Look Out Lady Bug Shooting Game

Look Out Lady Bug shooting game screen image If you are after a bit of enjoyable action, Look Out Lady Bug will foot the bill for you. As a free shooting game, Look Out Lady Bug certainly is an enjoyable romp through a bug infested garden, where our cute little Ladybug needs all your help just staying alive.

Wave after wave of hungry bugs share the air space with our Ladybug, plus there are other insects, floating minefields and all sorts of blood thirsty obstacles trying to make a meal of Liddie the Ladybud.

Yes it's a dog eat dog world where insects live, so have your best flying skills and be prepared to fight for every mile in a land of vicious, blood sucking enemies. You do have a shooting mechanism which protects you in a rough type of way but don't fully rely on the shooting ability to save your life. It doesn't work for all creatures.

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Look Out Lady Bug Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Use the keyboard arrows to move around the screen
  • Hit the space bar to shoot
  • Collect floating matter as food to score points