Joes Last Stand shooting game logo image Joes Last Stand Shooting Game

Play Joes Last Stand online shooting game and help save Joes Farm from wild mutant sheep. Mutant sheep are over running the world. Take steady aim and shoot these menaces before they eat your radish patch.

While the rest of the world has given up and probably flown off to Mars on a spaceship, only you playing this shooting game as Joe, has decided that enough is enough are are determined to make a last stand against these mutant evil sheep.


Play Joes Last Stand Online Shooting Game

Joes Last Stand screen shot image Now here's a simple flash shooting game where you can vent your lust for blood. Joes Last Stand has you shooting mutant sheep and eradicating the entire world of this menace to mankind, that is if your aim is true and your trigger finger quick.

Joes Last Stand is a really well developed shooting game where your kills are totaled so you can upgrade weapons and buy ammunition. You certainly need the best weapons you can buy as these mutant sheep are intent on eating out the last remaining radish bed on earth. Can you help the inevitable destruction of the worlds food supply?

So blast away my friends and save the earth. Kill those sheep before they eat your precious radish. It is your duty as a professional radish farmer to keep a steady hand and true aim and rid the land of mutant sheep in this great free shooting game called Joes Last Stand!

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Joes Last Stand Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Save most of the points earned shooting sheep to buy upgraded weapons
  • The better the gun the more sheep you can kill
  • Use your mouse to aim
  • Left click to fire