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Play Deadly Dwarves free online shooting game. Deadly Dwarves is a flash game where your accuracy and quick relexes count. These little people are not at all friendly and throw daggers at you. Your best defence is to shoot them before you get a dagger in your heart. Too many daggers and it's goodbye to you. Kill or be killed. Play Deadly Dwarves online now.


Deadly Dwarves Free Shooting Game Screen Shot Play Deadly Dwarves Shooting Game

Lookout... Lookout... the dwarves are on the rampage and only your keen eye and straight shooting can stop them. Play this fabulous free shooting game, Deadly Dwarves, and save the world from the evil little critters.

Deadly Dwarves will have your reflexes on the max and your enjoyment level sky high. If you like flash shooting games, Deadly Dwarves is made for you.

The game story is fairly easy to follow, shoot the dwarves before they kill you. There are several guns you can use and you reload your ammo by hitting the space bar.

Playing Deadly Dwarves isn't a breeze, but we know you are up to the challenge.

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Deadly Dwarves Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Use your MOUSE to aim at the target and LEFT CLICK to shoot
  • Press 'Space' to reload your gun
  • Press CTLR to change your weapon
  • Be quick to kill the Deadly Dwarves, shoot straight and true or they will kill you