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Play Clay Pigeon Shooter online game free on our games web site. Clay Pigeon Shooting is sometimes called skeet shooting or clay target shooting and is enjoyed by millions of people across the world. Now you can become a Clay Pigeon Shooter online and enjoy the game of Clay Pigeon Shooting for free.


Play Online Clay Pigeon Shooting Game

Clay Pigeon Shooter Screen Shot Image Accuracy is everything in this fabulous free online clay pigeon shooting game. Hitting clay pigeons is not that easy, but with practice, you will improve.

Clay Pigeon Shooter is a game you can get bored with after a few minutes or one where you don't want to stop. For the more determined among gamers, this will test your skill and patience, yet the rewards are high.

Online Clay Pigeon Shooting is fabulous fun and it doesn't matter if you call it Skeet Shooting, Clay Target Shooting or just plain double barrel potshots at clay birds. This is a free online game that you can enjoy anytime.

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Clay Pigeon Shooting Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Move the cross hairs up and down with your mouse.
  • Judge when the clay target will enter the cross hairs zone
  • To fire using the left cross hair use the 'Z' key; to fire using the right cross hair use the 'X' key.
  • You will be given a target hit count to qualify for each new level.
  • Your score will be increased on successive hits (the more accurate you are the more points you will be awarded)!
  • If you miss a clay target, the successive hits will be worth less points!