Carnival Shooting Online Game Logo ImageCarnival Shooter Online Shooting Game

Play Carnival Shooter online and enjoy all the carnival action and win a prize. Just like the carnivals of old, Carnival Shooter is a sideshow style online shooting game where skill and quick reflexes count. You have an assortment of animals that you can shoot, but there are some animals that are protected which will take points from your score if you hit them. Carnival Shooter is a lot of fun and one game you must play.


Play Carnival Shooter Online Shooting Game

Carnival Shooter Screen Image Roll Up! Roll Up! The carnival is in town. Play Carnival Shooter and relive the good old carnival days of hitting the tin ducks to win a prize.

Carnival Shooter is a good free online game where your aim is paramount and your skill is needed to rack up a large score. But be careful not to shoot animals that are protected or you will lose those hard earned points.

Play Carnival Shooter totally free online, no download necessary, and have fun shooting ducks, foxes and other targets, just for the pure enjoyment.

Carnival Shooter Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Aim the cross hairs at the target on the animal
  • Hit left mouse button to fire
  • Don't forget to reload
  • Protected animals do not have a bulls eye target on their bodies
  • You will be penalized with points deduction for shooting protected animals.