Bush Shoot Out Game ImageBush Shoot Out Online Shooting Game

Play Bush Shoot Out game online. Free shooting game, get President Bush and Condalezza Rice out of the White House safely. Old George is a good shot yet he needs your skill to make sure he gets away from terrorists that have infiltrated the White House. Give George and Condalezza a hand and shoot your way to safety. It's all in fun yet a serious game for online shooting fans. Play Bush Shoot out Online.


Play Bush Shoot Out Online

Look out, the White House has been infiltrated by a terror organization and only George Dubya and his shooting skill can get himself and his best friend Condaleeza Rice out of the White House safely.

Bush Shoot Out is a totally fast and furious shooting game that is serious fun to play. The action comes right from the start so you need you best aim and rapid shooting technique.

Graphics are good and the action is very smooth. Bush Shoot Out will certainly please the best online game fan and shooting has never been so much fun. Help George Bush shoot his way to safety!

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Bush Shoot Out Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Game controls are easy as it is all done with the mouse.
  • A green cross hair appears when you can shoot
  • When the cross hair is red it's time to take cover.
  • Move the mouse down to duck and take cover
  • Gun reloads automatically or you can press R