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Play Bunny Defense Force online shooting game. Save Easter Bunny from alien attacks. Bunny Defense Force is rated best free shooting game online and is loads of fun played at a fair and lively pace.

As you defeat each wave of aliens, more and more of these pesky varmints appear in the skies trying to halt the Easter Egg Train. Make sure your aim is true, build up massive scores and get those Easter Eggs through to all the children in the world that believe in the Easter Bunny.


Play Bunny Defense Force Shooting Game

Bunny Defense Force Shooting Game Screen Image Looks like the Easter Bunny is in real trouble trying to deliver his Easter Eggs by train. The aliens are attacking and eating the Easter eggs and the bunny helpers, so we are asking if you would like to help the poor fellow out.

Become Captain of the Bunny Defense Force and get the Easter Egg train safely to it's destination. Shoot down the aliens and pick up a few power ups that will help to upgrade your guns.

Excellent graphics compliment the technical aspects of Bunny Defense Force game. The overall presentation is great and the game runs smooth. There are 3 difficulty levels, easy, medium and hard, so Bunny Defense Force has good replay value as you can promote up through the difficulty levels as your skill grows. A real bonus is the ability to toggle on, or off, the game audio sound.

Bunny Defense Force is certainly a top game for all members of the family, so click the play button and begin your quest to help the Easter Bunny deliver the eggs aboard the Easter Egg Train.

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Bunny Defense Force Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Don't waste shots as your gun will over heat and render the Easter Egg train defenseless
  • Try to shoot the power up capsules which give extra fire power to your guns