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Play Brave Dragon save the dragon population from extinction. Awesome online shooting game where you stand between man and his desire to kill animals, giving you the opportunity to become the Brave Dragon of your dragon clan. This is a very good shooting game where your reflexes at dodging enemy fire counts as much as your steady aim and undoubted fighting skill and courage.


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Brave Dragon screen view There is a myth that dragons were mighty creatures yet were hunted so that man could prove his bravery. Eventually all the dragons disappeared from the earth, but all were not killed, some still remain today, hiding from man, the ultimate hunter.

Man has now gained magical weapons and are hunting dragons once more. You are a Brave Dragon, and only you can save your breed from complete extinction. Fight man and destroy his magical weapons Brave Dragon, this is your quest.

Now the introduction is out of the way, Brave Dragon is a good arcade action game well worth a try, the only downturn is sometimes the flash is a little jerky and can cause you to be killed. But the good news is it's a free online game so you can play again and again as many times as you like. There are a lot worse games than Brave Dragon around.

Brave Dragon Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Move up and down the screen to dodge enemy fire
  • Collect power ups, they will give you extra hit strength
  • You don't need to always kill the enemy, sometimes dodging them will save your life.