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Play Bongo Balls free shooting game. Shoot colored balls from a cannon and break the line. Match colored cannon balls and eliminate the matches. Eliminate all the balls on the screen to advance to next level. Great free shooting game, Bongo Balls game game hints, tips, cheats.


Bongo Balls Screen Shot image Play Bongo Balls Online Shooting Game

This great little shooting game has you controlling a cannon placed in the middle of the screen. Your objective is to aim and fire bubble balls towards the other moving balls so they form a group of 3 or more connected balls.

You will advance to the next level once you shoot and clear all balls on the screen.

Bongo Balls is a great family game which is fun to play and suitable for all ages. Good graphics and soft music make a well balanced and very enjoyable online game experience.

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Bongo Balls Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Use your mouse cursor to aim the cannon
  • Press on the mouse button to fire a ball
  • Don't panic, sometimes you have to fire a ball where there is no other color to match
  • Try to make as many matches as possible
  • Work on eliminating the leading balls first