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Play Black Ops Korean Conflict online shooting game. Free flash shooting game to play online, Black Ops Korean Conflict has you behind enemy lines on a secret operation in North Korea. It is up to your squad to neutralize the North korean atomic program, but the mission won't be easy as the North Korean soldiers are expertly trained and fearless. This is a dangerous mission yet you could save the world if your sucessful.


Play Black Ops Korean Conflict Shooting Game

Black Ops Korean Conflict screen shot image Great shooting game based on a covert operation into North Korea to neutralize their Atomic program. It is your mission to search for and destroy the nuclear program and save the world from ransom.

Learn how to play the game in the training stage then go out and follow the missions orders. Of course if you are captured the government will deny any knowledge of your existence, so be careful and be successful.

Play Black Ops Korean Conflict online shooting game free and enjoy the exciting shooting action.

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Black Ops Korean Conflict Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Use your W,S,A,D keys to move around the game screen
  • Hit the mouse left button to shoot
  • Tap the space bar to look around the game screen
  • Use mouse scroll to change weapons
  • Play the training game first to learn how to use all controls and jump, crawl and fight