Balloon Invasion War Gasme Logo Image Balloon Invasion Free War Game

Play Balloon Invasion war game totally free online, no download, no sign-up. Be the commander of your country's front line defense and stop the Balloon Invasion. The game of war just got uglier!

For a fairly basic flash game, Balloon Invasion war game is highly addictive, simply because wave after wave of invading balloons keep the action at a premium level.


Play Balloon Invasion War Game Online

Balloon Invasion game screen image You are the Commander of an anti aircraft battery. It is your duty to stop the enemy Balloon Invasion. You need to think fast and shoot faster to stop the enemy from bombing your defenses into submission. You have a selection of flax shooting cannons from which to choose, plus you can call in air strikes to help stop the invasion.

For each invading balloon you shoot down, you earn points from which you can buy upgrades to your guns, make your cannons less susceptible to damage and generally make your command a little easier.

This game is not easy as each level gets harder and harder, so you need all your game skill to survive.

This could easily become a favorite, just for the never ending action and the difficulty factor. I like to win but I love a challenge. Just quietly, I haven't beaten this game yet, but I will!

Balloon Invasion Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Buy upgrades for your bullets and shells first, you need maximum fire power in later stages.
  • Use air strikes sparingly to gain the maximum points for each level.
  • The more points you earn the more upgrades you can buy.
  • Try to keep your spending down in the early stages, where it's easier to defend so you can get those needed upgrades.
  • You can replay levels to score better points.